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Why choose the t shirt digital printer?

  • Date: 12/20/2018
In the garment printing and dyeing industry in the 21st century, from proofing to mass production, digital garment printing machine has gone through the product introduction period, into the growth and maturity period; digital printing technology or short-term cannot replace traditional printing exquisite printing technology, but traditional printing equipment only declined; this is our digital printing.
digital printing
Digital printing processing equipment has become common. In the clothing market, it is very difficult for manufacturers without digital printing equipment to receive large orders; the common digital printing prices are generally in the range of 2-100,000, orders are not many, delivery time is not tight, fabric requirements are not high; slightly more useful: 100-500,000 range, high-speed printing, mass production, fast delivery, high precision; in terms of speed, accuracy, delivery time is superior that is a lot of room for improvement.
At present, our company mainly provides comprehensive printing solutions in T-shirt, cotton group, sanitary clothes, bottom shirt, jeans, and so on. We are committed to improving color brightness, washing color fastness and simplifying production process for textile industry customers. We provide solutions for individualized printing customers in various industries to improve product color printing quality. To reduce printing costs, enhance profit margins and create maximum value for customers.
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Main products: clothing printer, T-shirt printer, flat-panel printer, UV printer, universal printer, inkjet printer manufacturers, in personalized T-shirt printing, textile digital printing, personalized printing of various materials, UV digital printing, etc.
Current situation, digital direct jet printing is in a high-speed development stage, accompanied by high customer acceptance, low cost, low defective rate and other characteristics; customized digital direct jet printing equipment. In 2002, we were still in a small printing machine. We were already very busy with an order of 100-500. Because the ink was immature and often broken, the pass line became a prominent feature of the products in that period. The corresponding cost was high and the charge was high. But because the output is very low, the overall market is in the breeding stage. With the improvement of customer acceptance and the gradual maturity and perfection of digital printing technology and equipment, digital printing processing has entered the growth and maturity period (the real maturity period should be the popularization of industrial sprinkler equipment).
At this time, the following points should be done for processing customers:
1, improve quality: adopt stable equipment and use environmentally friendly certified ink to reduce defective rate.
2. Increase production: train skilled operators, unify equipment allocation, expand production capacity, and share fixed costs.
3. Emphasize brand influence: from equipment, consumables, fabrics, design drawings, exhibition halls, to achieve high-end quality assurance, quality assurance, is to ensure the brand.
4. Reduce the price appropriately: The opponents of digital printing processing are not only other digital printing manufacturers, but also the subversion of the screen, round screen and flat screen printing.
tshirt printing detail
Digital printing processing costs and equipment investment, depreciation, consumables, defective product rate, factory fixed costs, human costs are closely related, many digital printing factories in order to blindly reduce the so-called cost, using the lowest price of equipment, the lowest price of ink, the worst environment factory, it is clear that the received order price. The grid is almost the lowest, and profits do not necessarily have much room. Other processing enterprises adopt a unified model, do a good job of unified color management, and try to ensure synchronous production, so the requirements for operators are not high, do not have to worry about receiving orders do not know what machine production problems, so the comprehensive human cost is also low, because there is a stable production environment, production. The consumables configuration and defective rate are also low, forming a high-end product brand and image. If the two cases are assessed according to profits, I believe that the cost of production is far less controlled than the price difference of the order. At the present stage of China's development, it can not be more and more low-end, and high-end quality is the development space.