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As one of the garment printer manufacturers, Fourstar digital garment printing machines create directly to garment customized t-shirt prints. T shirt digital printers operate as a specialized inkjet printer designed to practice an picture to a T-shirt simply like your domestic printer applies one to a piece of paper.
Of course, due to the fact the medium is different, the inks are unique and due to the fact it's an industrial printing process, China t shirt printers are larger and more complex.
The largest benefit of using our garment printing machines to create your customized t-shirts are:
It is easy to operate a DTG printer. you do need to know a bit about pix so you can create an outstanding image, but preparing and printing a shirt a simple.
The output of the garment printer is variable. You can print one, two or twenty shirts of one design, put a distinct name on each, re-size the pix. All of it has no greater setup time or cost.
The turnaround time of the t shirt digital printers is fast. This makes our customers HAPPY! If you're starting with a good graphic, you can go from photograph to finished shirt in below 10 minutes.
Our garment printing machines are good for Home Office or Small Business. When using a pretreatment desktop with your DTG Printer, you can run your operation in your home.
With the country paying more and more attention to environmental protection, garment printing, which does not need water resources in the printing process, has been recognized and applied by more and more enterprises. And how to choose the garment printing machine which is carrying the printing process has also become a headache for many t-shirt printer manufacturers. For this reason, Fourstar Electronic Technology which has 15 years of experience and specializes in the production of high-precision garment printing machine would like to share some insights with you.

To start with, the following points should be paid attention to in the selection and purchase of digital printing machines. The first is to look at word-of-mouth. As a high-tech industry digital printing machine, if the machine is well used, its reputation will be handed down from word of mouth. If there is a reputation, it will quickly open the market in the industry. Meanwhile, its technology and after-sales must also be able to keep up, after all, the training and management of technical personnel and the daily maintenance of the machine are important links in the production process. Secondly, look at the performance-price ratio, which should be measured from the price, speed, output and other aspects of the garment printing machine. The configuration and production scale of all the t-shirt printer suppliers are different. It is necessary to adapt to local conditions and choose the garment printing machine that meets their own needs in order to be better applied to production.

As you may know, the word-of-mouth is born by the quality. Only when the quality of the garment printing machine is the same, the customer is willing to pay the bill. With the latest series of sprinklers in the world, Fourstar Electronic Technology has developed and master the core technology of digital printing, such as Digital T-Shirt Printer Flatbed Model TS-1300 A-Series, which is a brand new innovation in technology, which can print an A4 size photo in 20 seconds and can print up to 200 pcs per hour. What’s more, the printed garments are soft and comfy and are harmless to the human body, which means it’s one hundred percent eco-friendly. The last but not the least, the printed picture is shiny and colorful with right color fastness, so the printed garments are no longer fading and can keep washable.

Buying a machine is just the beginning. Like people, the machine occasionally gets sick and gets broke down. Maintenance is extremely important for this issue. Some machines are cheaper, but basically, after the machine is sold, no matter what, if there is a problem to find them, either the engineer is busy or overpriced. It has seriously affected the production speed and efficiency of digital printing in enterprises. Fourstar Electronic Technology provides one-to-one service for purchasing machines and after-sales, as well as one-to-one technical guidance and training of technical personnel to ensure that the machine can run quickly and safely. Hereby recommended our High Accuracy UV Flatbed Printer Model UV-1325, which is equipped with professional color management software, thus can change color anytime and anywhere, and there’s no need to pay extra cost.
Q: If there is a horizontal line in the drawing of clothing, how should I deal with the garment printing machine?
A: Check the test strip for broken lines. Check the double head machine to see if the sprinkler overlaps properly. Turn on the plume function in moderation. Check the boarding card. Check that the machine platform to see if it is horizontal.

Q: What causes the problems of the drawing of the garment digital printing machine being large and the grain feeling being obvious?
A: Check to see whether the height of the sprinkler is too high. Recalibrate the garment printing machine. Check to see whether the environmental temperature and humidity do not affect the ink performance in the normal range. Check to see whether the emergence function is too strong to turn on and adjust properly.

Q: Why is the drawing color of the garment digital printing machine not normal?
A: First of all, print the test strip to see if it is broken. Second of all, observe whether the color of the test strip is normal and whether the ink is wrong. Fourth of all, check if the wrong curve is invoked. Finally, check whether the picture format is correct.

Q: What factors are there to cause the printing misalignment?
A: Make sure that it’s two-way calibrated. Check that the surface of the medium is flat. Check whether the grating is dirty or damaged. Check the origin sensor to see if the grating decoder is dirty. Check for the proper belt tightness. Check whether the power supply of the word vehicle is normal. Check whether the power supply of the word vehicle is normal, by the way, it is generally 42V. Check whether the computer and software are normal.

Q: There are deep and shallow lines in the drawing of the garment printing machine, which makes the T-shirt turn out to be ugly, why?
A: Fourstar Electronic Technology, as one of the t-shirt printer manufacturers in China, with rich experience of being a professional t-shirt printer supplier, has experienced this issue many times, here’s the best solution for this problem. See if the test page is disconnected and cleaned abnormally. Check the double head machine calibration to see if any problems with the overlap of the two heads. Check to see if any problems with the head cable, plug and pull it, then clean it, or change the head cable. Check if the sprinkler is out of order. Check to see if there is something wrong with the decryption card or board.

Q: What’s the first step to install the new sprinkler of the garment printing machine correctly?
A: Before installing the sprinkler, we should first ensure that the garment printing machine is running normally, the ground wire of the machine is very perfect, the voltage on the small cardboard is normal, and the voltage supplied by the sprinkler is normal. The easiest way to do this is to use a multimeter to measure whether there is static electricity on the machine, the voltage of the small cardboard, and the supply voltage of the sprinkler, and then disconnect the sprinkler.
The processing cost of garment printing machine for the t shirt printer manufacturers is closely related to equipment investment, depreciation, consumables, defective product rate, plant fixed cost and labor cost and so on. In order to blindly reduce costs, many t shirt printer suppliers use the lowest price equipment, the lowest price ink, the worst quality environment plant. Obviously, the order price received is almost the lowest, the profit is not necessarily with much room.

The garment printing machine has begun to become common in our daily life. In the clothing market, it is difficult for t shirt printer manufacturers without garment printing machine to receive large orders. With the characteristics of high customer acceptance, low cost, low defective product rate and so on, a lot of quality problems have been put in front of the public. With the improvement of customer acceptance and the gradual maturity and perfection of digital printing technology and equipment, digital printing processing has entered a period of growth and maturity (the real maturity period should be the popularity of industrial sprinkler equipment). Hereby, there are the following points for processing customers: first of all, improve quality, use stable equipment, use environmentally certified ink, reduce the rate of defective products. Second of all, increase output, train skilled operating workers, unify equipment allocation, expand production capacity and spread fixed costs equally. Third of all, emphasize brand influence, ranged from equipment, consumables, fabrics, design drawings to the exhibition hall, make sure to achieve high-end quality assurance because to ensure quality is to ensure the brand. The last but not the least, the price is reduced appropriately, the opponents of digital printing processing are not only the digital printing processing plants but also the subversion of the screen, the rotary screen, and the flat screen printing.
What’s more, as you may know, price is the only factor to decide the quality, but it is a straight factor to judge the quality. What really matters is how to judge the quality though price. Now let Fourstar Electronic Technology share some insights. First of all, for the transformed Garment printing machine, the price of this kind of printing machine is usually very cheap, the price is between 10,000 and 20,000, and even can be thousands of dollars. But as mentioned above, as a result of the transformation, quality is not guaranteed, let alone after-sale maintenance services. Second of all, the Civilian Garment printing machine usually costs between tens of thousands of yuan, and such machines usually use relatively cheap Epson sprinklers. Because it is a civil machine, you can’t expect it to give you more good production capacity, so it’s generally suitable for small printing manufacturers. At last, the price of the industrial digital printing machine is more expensive, usually, hundreds of thousands of yuan to start. And in recent years, more and more digital printing manufacturers launched single-pass digital printing machine, that price is even more expensive. This type of digital printing machine is equipped with top sprinklers, such as Kyocera sprinkler, Ricoh G 5 sprinkler. It’s with high production capacity and good quality, which can generally reach 200 square meters/hour, single-pass speed set can make it reach 100 square meters per minute. At the same time, this type of manufacturer is large in scale and strong in strength and can provide professional and rapid after-sales service.
When talking about the garment printing machine, the printing techniques for T shirt customization are really a big concern for the customers, because different customers have different kinds of requirements for the T shirt printing techniques. So for the t shirt printer manufacturers, if you can provide the precise printing technique for the customers, it will satisfy them from all perspectives. So now let’s get to know some information about the T shirt printing techniques. And Fourstar Electronic Technology, as one of the t shirt printer suppliers in China, would like to provide you with the most comprehensive introduction about it.

First of all, water-paste printing process
Water-paste printing technology is one of the most basic printing processes in the screen printing industry, which can be printed on cotton, polyester, hemp and so on. It can be printed on almost all light background fabrics, so it can be widely used. And it is the most commonly used printing process for custom T-shirts. This kind of printing technique is also very easy to understand when the water slurry goes through the printing plate pattern, it can hollowed-out grid printing on clothes where there is no pattern is not hollowed-out. The disadvantage of the slurry printing process is that only one color can be printed at a time, and another screen must be made to change pattern printing. However, it has the characteristics of low printing cost, and the air permeability is not bad.

Second of all, digital heat transfer printing
Heat transfer printing is also called hot stamping process. This printing technology is to transfer the printing medium with a thermal transfer paper. The printing process is to print the pattern on the thermal transfer paper, and then use high temperature and pressure to transfer the pattern of the thermal transfer paper to the T-shirt. This method is the most favorite printing method for the current small batch customization T-shirt and other similar clothing customization. Digital heat transfer printing does not need to open the plate, which simplifies the printing process, which is similar to digital direct-injection printing, but the process is different.

Third of all, the ink printing process
The ink printing process is also called thermosetting ink printing, using chemical ink as a pigment, in the action of high temperature let ink solidify to the fabric. The ink printing process also needs to make a printing plate, but the ink printing process, compared with water slurry, its air permeability is poor. At the same time, the use of this printing process on chemical fiber clothes will be easier to fall off. But for custom T-shirts, custom Polo shirts, which use this printing process, can reduce the possibility of shedding.

Fourth of all, digital direct-injection printing
Digital direct-injection printing is the best T-shirt printing process at present, its advantage is that it does not need to make a screen plate as much as water slurry printing, nor does it need thermal transfer paper as much as heat transfer printing. The technological principle of digital direct-injection printing is to design the pattern by computer, and then give instructions. After the digital direct-injection printing machine receives the instruction, the printing process can be carried out. In this process, we do not need to make plates (saving time, labor and money), nor do we work under high temperature (staff does not feel hot). It is a simple and convenient printing process to spray ink directly on T-shirts.