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Technology of digital textile printer

  • Date: 12/24/2018
T shirt digital printers and printing technology are increasingly widespread throughout the country. Digital printing is a new way of printing production, and the research of digital printing technology is also a new field.
various tshirt printing
Printing, not only pay attention to the good-looking and creative printing pictures; customers are more concerned about the printing process feel, colorfastness, precision, etc. Now digital direct jet printing machine is developing rapidly, at the same time, in this level of production means the transformation of equipment to technology in all directions. Digital printing technology is also becoming more formal, and some achievements have been made. Digital printing equipment has been widely used in China or abroad.
machine of digital printing
As a supplier and service provider of digital direct jet printing, we continue to innovate around customer requirements, providing comprehensive solutions in T-shirt printing, textile digital printing, various materials printing, UV digital printing and so on. We are committed to improving color brightness, washing color fastness and simplifying production process for textile industry customers. We provide solutions for individualized printing customers in various industries to improve product color printing quality, reduce printing costs, enhance profit margin and create maximum value for customers.
Guangzhou Fourstar specializes in digital garment printer for years, so that he gets rich experience in research and development. In the exhibition of CSGIA Guangzhou, Fourstar has show it new printer. 
Digital garment printer for oval use KONICA printing head in two rows, so that it can get a higher printing speed up