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Storage of consumables for digital printers

  • Date: 04/01/2019

In order to make digital printer print more delicate and perfect effect, besides a high-precision digital printer, the quality of consumable materials is also an indispensable part. So how to keep consumables from being damaged during storage, and what should we pay attention to?


1. Pay attention to temperature and humidity: temperature: 10-35 C, humidity: 50-60 PH, too low temperature and humidity is easy to generate static electricity, affecting printing accuracy, will also damage the ink head and printer circuit motherboard.

2. Storage and transportation in stock: Please keep it in a relatively stable environment (temperature difference should not be too large), avoid high temperature and direct sunlight, and keep the ground and air dry. It is recommended that the bottle mouth is placed upwards before use. The number of stacking layers should not exceed 2 layers. Heavy objects should not be stacked above. Handling and use should be handled with care, not thrown, avoid hard objects extrusion, rubbing and stabbing caused by indentation, wrinkles, cracks and so on.


3. Opening use: Storage time: 3 months. Unopened use: indoor cool and dry 0-25 C, room temperature storage for one year.


4. Print Output: Do not mix pure water and other inferior ink into the ink; Because our products are tested using original ink printing, reliable compatible ink, to ensure the printing effect. Unlike inferior ink, it may seriously affect printing, such as printing accuracy is very low, color difference, ink stacking, soaking, ink flowing and so on. Before output, we should try printing with a small sample, observe the effect, and then adjust it in the printing software to get the best output effect. Other matters needing attention in printing, please contact us.

5. Post-processing: After printing, do not touch the printing before the ink is completely dry. Place it horizontally to make the surface slightly dry, and then dry and fix the color.