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We provide customers with quality China t shirt printers including t shirt digital printers and garment printers with provide high-quality services.


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Fourstar garment printing machines

As one of the garment printer manufacturers, Fourstar digital garment printing machines create directly to garment customized t-shirt prints. T shirt digital printers operate as a specialized inkjet printer designed to practice an picture to a T-shirt simply like your domestic printer applies one to a piece of paper.Of course, due to the fact the medium is different, the inks are unique and due to the fact it's an industrial printing process, China t shirt printers are larger and more complex.The largest benefit of using our garment printing machines to create your customized t-shirts. It is easy to operate a DTG printer. you do need to know a bit about pix so you can create an outstanding image, but preparing and printing a shirt a simple.The output of the garment printer is variable. You can print one, two or twenty shirts of one design, put a distinct name on each, re-size the pix. All of it has no greater setup time or cost.The turnaround time of the t shirt digital printers is fast. This makes our customers HAPPY! If you're starting with a good graphic, you can go from photograph to finished shirt in below 10 minutes.Our garment printing machines are good for Home Office or Small Business. When using a pretreatment desktop with your DTG Printer, you can run your operation in your home.