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Fourstar: T-shirt Printer Manufacturer

  • Date: 12/05/2019

New appearance oft shirt printer manufacturers: full automatic elliptical digital printing machine and related four head garment printing machine are presented in the annual event - 2019 Shanghai New International Expo Center (October 30-November 01), to promote the industry development together with peers.

Full automatic elliptical digital printing machine with eight sprayers and garment printing machine with four sprayers

Automatic elliptical digital printing machine

The first development trend in the industry


Fourstar t shirt printer manufacturerssupplies this full-automatic elliptical printing machine with high precision, high efficiency and productivity, low environmental protection and energy efficiency, a large number of stations, which can realize chain less transmission and more convenient operation. The specific advantages are as follows:

1. Fast: fast speed, 400 pieces / hour, industrial machine output;

2. Accuracy: 3 minutes for good positioning, accurate positioning and convenient alignment;

3. Ruthless: all kinds of technology, as you wish (foaming, flocking, pulping, printing, night lighting, hot gold and silver, glue dropping, gold and silver powder, reflection, temperature change, light change, cracking, gel, silica gel...).


Full automatic elliptical digital printing machine (ts-6070e)

The full-automatic elliptical digital printing machine is jointly developed by a team with rich printing application experience and a team with mature digital technology. The mature elliptical printing machine is used as a platform to graft the most advanced digital printer in China, which is close to the urgent demand of the market for digital products, development combined with technology and full-automatic combination printing. It is the pursuit of high quality The best choice of size printing and high cost performance is the trend of printing development in the future, and also the direction of investment.

Four nozzle garment printing machine (ts-1390x)

The four head clothing printing machine is a new type of digital direct printing machine, which combines the digital direct printing machine with the traditional screen printing machine. First, the white ink of screen printing is replaced by the white ink of jet printing, and then the color paint ink is sprayed by the digital direct printing machine. It is a new type of digital direct printing machine which is facing the factory production under the change of environment and perfectly combines with the traditional screen printing. Generally, this type of machine can't accept the printing cost of white ink. It adopts a compromise transitional printing scheme and adopts manual silk screen printing with white background to achieve the purpose of reducing the printing cost. In addition, the current white ink technology is not mature, and the effect of using white ink machine can't achieve the effect of manual silk screen printing with white background, whether it's hand feeling, color or color fastness. This type of machine is suitable for low-cost printing Middle and high-end clothing digital printing.

Fourstar, not only the manufacturer oft shirt printer manufacturers!