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Fourstar, A Textile Printers and T-shirt Digital Printers Manufacturer

  • Date: 12/06/2019

Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a pioneer of garment printer manufacturers in supplying textile printers manufacturers, t shirt digital printers. Here you can see the application for garment, t shirt digital printersfrom our high quality digital printing machine. As one of the most professional garment printer manufacturers in China, Fourstar textile printers manufacturersadopts environmental friendly water-based coating ink, which can achieve high-quality printing + high-speed printing, personalized customization + mass production at the same time!

Fourstar textile printers manufacturersrealizes high-speed printing; t shirt digital printersmachine - double nozzle series, realizes 150 pieces / hour printing speed. Dual nozzle provides strong support for users' business.

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High precision printing quality;In order to obtain high printing quality, there is no need to sacrifice printing speed. The four nozzle series t shirt digital printersmachine, an upgrade of huisida's cutting-edge technology, realizes the printing quality of wide color range, high precision and high efficiency.

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One solution of users can expand the possibility of printing. The new eight head printing machine is not only used to print T-shirts. The eight printing heads can guarantee the fine printing quality even if they are far away from the fabric. The printing possibility can be expanded by using the table board flexibly.

Personality Technology: foaming, flocking, pulping, printing, night lighting, hot gold and silver, gutta percha, gold and silver powder, reflection, temperature change, light change, cracking, gel, silica gel Printing can be completed.

Eight nozzle series - can let the user's business get a further leap.

With the help of Fourstar special ink, it can keep the brightness of user's print for a long time. (washing fastness test grade 4)

Eight nozzle series achieve large and striking printing effect; eight nozzle's large printing range is more than 210mm (horizontal) ×297mm (vertical), which is the unprecedented large printing range of huisida t shirt digital printers.

The maintenance times of textile printers manufacturersare reduced, and the use of automatic cleaning system not only reduces the times of manual maintenance, but also greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

More environmentally friendly: only need low power drying, save energy up to 70%