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Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

We provide customers with quality China t shirt printers including t shirt digital printers and garment printers with provide high-quality services.


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DTG Printer

DTG printer manufacturer - Fourstar invites you to see how wonderful t shirt digital printers create custom T-Shirts.
In many ways, as one of the professional t shirt printer manufacturers and textile printers manufacturers, our digital garment printing machine was developed from the feedback we've received from our customers, which promotes our DTG printer designed to increase overall production, while dramatically reducing maintenance. Our direct to garment printing is a fantastic technology that allows almost anyone to print incredibly colorful, high impact images directly onto t shirts and other textiles.
If you've got dreamed of growing your t-shirt line, your excellent thoughts that would look magnificent on fabric bags, leather materials, canvas and even non-garment textiles like linens, towels and so on, then our DTG printers is proper for you.