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We provide customers with quality China t shirt printers including t shirt digital printers and garment printers with provide high-quality services.


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DTG garment printer TS-6070KM

  • 1. Fast & Efficiency of the t shirt digital printers: 20 seconds to print an A4 size photo, can print up to 200 pcs per hour.
  • 2. Eco-friendly made by dtg printer manufacturers: The printed garments are soft and comfy and are harmless to the human body.
  • 3. Excellent effect of the China t shirt printers: The printed picture is shiny and colorful with right colour fastness, the printed garments are no longer fading and washable.
  • 4. Easy operation to garment printing machine users: No want guide decoding, just add ink immediately to the 8 packing containers of 1.8L, effortless and no worry.
  • 5. Wide application of t shirt digital printers: Wide application: Suitable for nearly all variety of cloth such as reducing pieces, sweater, ready-made garment, denim, feather dress, etc.
  • 6. Customized from direct to garment printing machine: Print clothes and slicing pieces with one machine. From 3m to 15m, the desktop length and platform can be customized.
  • 7. Patent China t shirt printers: The structure of the garment flatbed bought the countrywide utility model patent, which solved the hassle of garment and slicing printing with one machine.
  • 8. Low protection cost for garment printer suppliers: From the machine head to the body, each and every small element is specially designed for digital direct injection. The preservation price of accent is low, and it reserves area for upgrading to the subsequent era machine.