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DTG 2019 and Garmentech 2019 in Bangladesh

  • Date: 03/21/2019

The ready-made garment (RMG) sector in Bangladesh has enjoyed rapid growth, with the country now well established as the world's second largest supplier of apparel and with the industry accounting for 83 percent of Bangladesh's exports, employing some 4.4 million people.


Foreign buyers have seen our booming most important source for high volume, low price garments. But though Bangladesh's apparel manufacturers appreciate their customers' tough trading conditions, they themselves have suffered huge cost increases—in raw materials, gas, electricity and water supply, minimum wages for the workers, and the costs incurred with upgrading factories to make them safer.

Bangladesh's garment sector is turning into a beneficiary of the US-China trade war as American retailers are placing more work orders, but other sectors, such as jute and leather goods, are yet to see an uptick in fortunes.

Though China is by far the world's biggest exporter of manufactured goods, some factory owners over the past decade began moving production to other developing countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam said a recent report of The Financial Times.

This was in search of cheaper wages and a hedge against the political and economic risks that come from reliance on one country.

So that there is a great opportunity for a printing business in Bangladesh, India, Etc.  Our business partner in Bangladesh will attend the DTG 2019 and Garmentech 2019 in both to show its latest digital printing technology.

Guangzhou Fourstar Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading suppliers on digital garment printer.


Since 2008, Fourstar develop the printer for digital printing by using Epson printing head and Konica printing head.compared to tradition printing, digital has advantages: cost saving for a short run, reduce the time on making a sample, more vibrant colors, energy saving, no limited on order, etc.