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Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

We provide customers with quality China t shirt printers including t shirt digital printers and garment printers with provide high-quality services.


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Why Choose Us 01

Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of T-shirt Digital Flatbed Printers, Garment Flatbed Printers, UV Printers, Roll to Roll Digital Printers. We are the leading provider of digital inkjet printing solutions and service.

A team of 15 years of professional experience in mechanical design meet your individual demand. The customized machine appearance gives you a new visual experience. We not only manufacture but also create the machine. We provide service of high efficiency and professional.

Why Choose Us 02

Strict quality control system and over 20 years mechanical process experience ensure the accessories tolerance less than 0.05mm, which makes the high quality FOURSTAR inkjet printing machine.

Why Choose Us 03

Over 20 years color design and mixing experience ensure no trouble in color design. The forms of cooperation is simple and direct, the whole course is communicated by the creators. The flat organization and management ensure high efficiency in internal and external communication. We provide the most professional and best quality design service.

Why Choose Us 04

We offer one year quality warranty and lifelong maintenance for the machine. We had set up the independent after-sale department, which can resolve any troubles for you, such as machine test, machine installation, printing solution, etc.

Why Choose Us 05

The equipment is independently researched and developed by us. From the machine head to the body, every small detail is specially designed for digital direct injection.

The machine head is light and handy with special design, which increase the printing accuracy, and support to extend the machine length, so as to increase production efficiency.

The machine head can overall go up and down 70mm. It is suitable for almost all kind of fabric of different thickness such as cutting pieces, sweater, Ready-made garment, denim, feather dress, etc.

Reserved space for upgrading to the next generation machine, no need to worry about the elimination of old machines when the new generation machine appears.

Supply accessory and service on time. Nearly all the machine parts are designed and produced by us. The parts and accessories are well stocked to ensure service on time.