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Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

We provide customers with quality China t shirt printers including t shirt digital printers and garment printers with provide high-quality services.


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Company Profile

Company Profile

Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of T shirt Digital Printers Flatbed. Printers, Garment printing machine, UV Printers, Roll to Roll Digital Printers. We are one of the leading dtg printer manufacturers of digital inkjet printing solutions and service. With our eco-friendly digital textile inkjet printing program, we help customers to enhance the printing effect, improve the product competitiveness, reduce the production cost,and thus improve the profit margins.

We have 15 years experience in R&D (Research and Development) and manufacturing digital inkjet garment printing machine and t shirt digital printers,and have a complete and scientific quality management system. We provide customers with complete guidanceand training such as equipment operation, software design, process knowledge, color adjustment, management process, etc.and thus help customers to generate benefits quickly.

We believe that customers are supreme, only after the success of the customer can we succeed!

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