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Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

We provide customers with quality China t shirt printers including t shirt digital printers and garment printers with provide high-quality services.


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Digital garment printing machine, t shirt digital printers supply

Fourstar is one of leading UV printer manufacturers & DTG printer manufacturers,which has 15 Years+ experience in manufacturing garment printing equipment, t shirt digital printers, textile printers, etc.

What printing techniques are there for T-shirt customization?

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Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of garment printing machine, t shirt digital printers, garment flatbed printers, UV printers, roll to roll digital printers. We are the leading provider of digital inkjet printing solutions and service. With our eco-friendly digital textile inkjet printing program, we help customers to enhance the printing effect, improve product competitiveness, reduce the production cost, and thus improve the profit margins.

We believe that customers are supreme, only after the success of the customer can we succeed!



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Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional garment printer manufacturer of T-shirt Digital Flatbed Printers, Garment Flatbed Printers, UV Printers, Roll to Roll Digital Printers. We are the leading provider of digital inkjet printing solutions and service.

A team of 15 years of professional experience in mechanical design meet your individual demand. The customized machine appearance gives you a new visual experience. We not only manufacture but also create the machine. We provide service of high efficiency and professional.

Strict quality control system and over 20 years mechanical process experience ensure the accessories tolerance less than 0.05mm, which makes the high quality FOURSTAR inkjet printing machine.


Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a pioneer of garment printer manufacturers in supplying textile printing machine, t shirt digital printers. Here you can see the application for garment, t-shirt, textile printing from our high quality digital printing machine.



Fourstar is an expert of garment printer suppliers, we will publish some latest news about DGT printer & UV t shirt digital printers. Welcome to attain more information.

Storage of consumables for digital printers

Here are some tips on how to keep consumables from being damaged during storage, and what should we pay attention to.


DTG 2019 and Garmentech 2019 in Bangladesh

Gzfourstar's business partner in Bangladesh will attend the DTG 2019 and Garmentech 2019 in both to show its latest digital printing technology.


Technology of digital textile printer

T shirt digital printers and printing technology are increasingly widespread throughout the country.


Why choose the t shirt digital printer?

In the garment printing and dyeing industry in the 21st century, from proofing to mass production, digital garment printing machine has gone through the product introduction period, into the growth and maturity period.


Video Display

As a t shirt printer manufacturer - Fourstar has held some exhibitions of digital garment t-shirt machine and UV printers, which can print the clothes. Here you learn about more details.