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Fourstar is one of leading UV printer manufacturers & DTG printer manufacturers, which has 15 Years+ experience in manufacturing garment printing equipment, t shirt digital printers, textile printers, etc. Since we do well in this area, we have a lot of insight to share with you about them. Today, let’s get to know the advantage and perspective of UV printer manufacturers and the difference between DTG printer manufacturers and traditional printer. UV printers are computer-controlled ultraviolet flat panel printers, and there is no waste water pollution and no noise in the printing process, so it realizes pollution-free green production. At the same time, UV printer really realizes small batch, multi-variety and high efficiency production processing. UV printing color is not limited, you can stop skill design by changing on the computer screen, you can stop color matching only with the mouse. This not only does not generate the cost of making screens, but also saves printing materials.

Therefore, UV printer makes use of its advantages to meet the professional needs and meet the personal needs of people to the maximum extent. Since the development of UV printer, with its huge advantages, it has quickly occupied the printing industry market. With the continuous development, people’s demand for life is increasing, the emergence of UV printers has solved many thorny problems, and its printed products win people’s love and produce great benefits. With the huge interests, more and more UV printer manufacturers participate in the industry. More and more UV printer manufacturers study the effect of UV printer, so that UV printer technology continues to improve, new technology is constantly applied to UV printers, thus forming a good cycle.

DTG printing operation seems very simple, and you just need to connect it to an electronic computer, then it can print any pattern including not only the gallery patterns provided by the DTG printer manufacturers, but also the printing pattern according to any picture provided by the customer. And the designers can modify and replace them in the computer at any time. However, the traditional printer needs to be designed according to the characteristics of the printing equipment, and the patterns that can be designed are very limited, and some designs are difficult to achieve the desired results. The DTG printer requires only one piece of clothes to meet the personalized customization needs of some customers. And the operation is not complicated, you just need the designer to carry on the pattern design in the computer, and you also can modify at any time according to the customer’s demand. The DTG printer has different models to choose from, but the traditional printer itself can print very limited patterns, and cannot meet the needs of customers at any time. With the rapid development of commodity economy, from the perspective of DTG printer manufacturers, DTG printer will replace the traditional printer, which will be the general trend of the times.

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Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of garment printing machine, t shirt digital printers, garment flatbed printers, UV printers, roll to roll digital printers. We are the leading provider of digital inkjet printing solutions and service. With our eco-friendly digital textile inkjet printing program, we help customers to enhance the printing effect, improve product competitiveness, reduce the production cost, and thus improve the profit margins.

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Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional garment printer manufacturer of T-shirt Digital Flatbed Printers, Garment Flatbed Printers, UV Printers, Roll to Roll Digital Printers. We are the leading provider of digital inkjet printing solutions and service.

A team of 15 years of professional experience in mechanical design meet your individual demand. The customized machine appearance gives you a new visual experience. We not only manufacture but also create the machine. We provide service of high efficiency and professional.

Strict quality control system and over 20 years mechanical process experience ensure the accessories tolerance less than 0.05mm, which makes the high quality FOURSTAR inkjet printing machine.


Guangzhou Fourstar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a pioneer of garment printer manufacturers in supplying textile printing machine, t shirt digital printers. Here you can see the application for garment, t-shirt, textile printing from our high quality digital printing machine. As one of the most professional garment printer manufacturers in China, today we would like to share with you about how to maintain the t shirt digital printers.

With the development of digital printing industry, t shirt digital printers have made great progress not only in printing speed but also in printing accuracy. At the same time, it has also made a lot of breakthroughs in high permeability printing and changing printing schemes. It can be said that whether it is the rest of the world or China, digital printing is forming a trend of the times. Especially in the case of more and more serious environmental protection problems, the advantages of digital printing over traditional printing are more obvious. Therefore, digital printing machine has become the trend of printing and dyeing industry. Relatively speaking, the digital printing machine is a big component, its value is not cheap. Moreover, in the later application production, if it goes on strike, it will basically have to stop production. Therefore, how to maintain the t shirt digital printers and to maintain its best working condition is particularly important both for the garment printer manufacturers and the customers.

In order to maintain the sprinkler head, do not install and remove digital printing circuits without switching off the power switch and cutting off the total power supply. Pay attention to the strength of the hand in the replacement and fine-tuning of the sprinkler, and do not make brute force break. Wash the sprinkler on a regular basis. Replace new ink capsules on a regular basis, it is generally recommended to replace them once every 3 months. Do not mix two different inks in the printing process. After removing the sprinkler, clean it up and put it in a special box to avoid dust and other things polluting it. Don’t use mediator of too poor quality, if the mediator is too poor, it is easy to break the sprinkler. Each time before the end of the work, hit a test strip and ensure that all nozzles are inkjet normal. This work must be carried out as a daily operation. What’s more, no matter you are customers or garment printer manufacturers, indoor dust-proof is highly recommended. It cannot be placed in the environment prone to smoke and dust. Try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment, in general, the temperature is about 25 degrees, the humidity is about 60%. 



Fourstar is an expert of garment printer suppliers, we will publish some latest news about DGT printer & UV t shirt digital printers. Welcome to attain more information. For some customers, especially for those who just start to get to this area, they are still not very clear about the difference of DGT printer & UV t shirt digital printers. Even some of them think they are interchangeable. Today let Fourstar tell them apart by analyzing the difference between them for you from the perspective of the professional garment printer suppliers.

UV t shirt digital printers are also called digital printing machine, direct spray printing machine, clothing printing machine and so on. DGT printer is an industry of large format printers, its ink characteristics are waterborne disperse ink. It is first printed on the transfer paper and then transferred to the cloth through high temperature. It is mainly used in the printing and dyeing of clothing and cloth. If you look directly at the appearance, it is easy to confuse the two, because they all have metal platforms, heads, sprinklers, and so on, and the size of the appearance is basically the same. But the two are not interchangeable, the following factors can account for this.

First of all, DGT printers use waterborne textile ink, and the ink bottles are transparent white bottles. The sprinkler is mainly waterborne head including 4720 type sprinkler, 5133 sprinkler and so on, some T-shirt printing machines will also use other sprinklers. UV t shirt digital printers use UV ink and transparent bottle packaging which is mainly black while some garment printer suppliers use brown and dark bottles.

What’s more, the sprinklers are mainly oily heads. Second of all, DGT printers are mainly aimed at cotton, hemp, silk, canvas, denim and other fabrics and a small amount of leather materials, UV t shirt digital printers mainly aim at hard plate such as glass, tiles, metal, plank or soft leather, mouse pads, handicrafts and so on.

The last but not the least, DGT printers adopt the external heating, so that the pattern is attached to the surface of the material. UV t shirt digital printers adopt the principle of ultraviolet curing and solidification emitted by UV-LED lamp. Of course, there are still a small number of UV flat panel printers on the market using mercury lamp heating to solidify, but more and more garment printer suppliers will slowly eliminate them, and they will be used less and less.

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